Absolutely NO art experience is required! Our art experts will take you from blank canvass to masterpiece.

We all voted to chose the painting we want to replicate at the afterparty. Voting closed at 5 pm Eastern on October 29. We will reveal the winner at the event. See you There!

Sponsored by TxMQ Art Afterparty sponsor

Instructed by: Presented by Artist People

Art Afterparty Absolutely NO art experience is required!

One of the benefits of attending an event like ours is participating in activities that let you relax and absorb what you’ve just learned, do a little socializing and learn from others aside from our onsite experts, and the chance to get to mingle engage with those experts on a more one-to-one basis.

Come sip & socialize with us at the Art Afterparty. We’re bringing this fun, no pressure, creative experience to you at the event. It’s not a painting class or painting lesson, but just a fun time recreating a scene on canvas with others from the event.  Absolutely NO art experience is required! An expert artist instructor will be here to guide you from blank canvas to masterpiece. When you’re done, your masterpiece is yours to keep.

We’ll supply everything including smocks to keep you clean.  We’ll all be painting the same image (it’s not a contest, just have fun). There are three images below to choose from. Please vote on the image you want us to use and the painting with the most votes will win.

Hover over the image you want and click on the star icon (on mobile tap the image, then tap the star icon).

Voting closes at 5 pm Eastern on October 29, so vote now.