Speakers & Panelists

David Ware

Chief Architect of IBM MQ

David is the Chief Architect of IBM MQ, IBM’s enterprise grade message queueing solution. He has responsibility and a passion for driving the architecture and innovation of IBM MQ across all its many environments and form factors, from on-premise to the cloud. He spends much of his time working with MQ’s many users across the world, teaching and learning from their experiences, which all feed back into MQ’s future direction. He has been working with messaging solutions for many years, having performed most roles possible

Nick Glowacki (

Nicholas Glowacki

Executive IT Specialist, IBM

Evangelist for IBMs integration Portfolio

Nick is a technical evangelist for IBMs integration portfolio working as a technical specialist exploring current trends and building leading edge solutions. He has spent the last 5 years working in the field and guiding a series of teams through their microservices journey. Before that he spent 5+ years in various other roles such as a developer, an architect and a IBM DataPower specialist. Over the course of his career he’s been a user of node, xsl, JSON, Docker, Solr, IBM API Connect, Kubernetes, Java, SOAP, XML, WAS, Docker, Filenet, MQ, C++, CastIron, IBM App Connect, IBM Integration Bus.

Ray Daniel

Principle Sales Leader, IBM Americas Integration

I have been with IBM for 25 years and focused on the Integration Portfolio for the last 15 years. My mission is to create new ways to connect our field sales and ultimately our customers with the deep technical talent and capabilities that IBM can provide to address a wide range of challenges. Including, Integration from the cloud to back-end systems of record. Working with customers on how to modernize their legacy investments in IBM integration to support Cloud computing platforms, often keeping some application on prem.

Also, helping customers with applications that embrace “born on the cloud” event streaming. Using AI to monitor, tune, secure and diagnose anomalies across a broad spectrum of computing platforms.

Peter D’Agosta,

Co-Founder and Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Peter D’Agosta has been in IT for 35 years. Cofounder/COO and Product Manager at Avada Software, his background includes application and systems programming, enterprise architecture, consulting, management, analysis, strategic 24/7 systems including airline, banking, and  internet, as well as technology innovation. Peter oversaw infrastructures for airlines, branch banking, and online service companies before moving into the software vendor arena where he worked with new innovations in email, messaging, portal and web service technology.  Interspersed with engagements for some of the world’s largest companies, Peter’s varied background provides him a unique perspective in applied technology.

David Corbett Middleware Architect, USBank (Retired)

David Corbett

Middleware Architect, USBank (Retired)

David is a seasoned IT professional with 45+ years in the world of technology. He has set standards for the middleware space that are still in use today and is a recognized expert in the world of messaging, with a specific focus on IBM MQ. AS an IBM Certified MQ Solution Designer and IBM Certified MQ System Administrator, David spent more than 20 years working with USBank’s IBM MQ environment across the spectrum of platforms (Windows/Linux, z/OS, AS/400 and HP-Non-Stop) managing the growth and change with projects like implementing shared infrastructure, external gateway systems, establishing big IP pools for ease of server swapping and high availability, migrations to virtual servers, and MQ based HA solutions.

Miles Roty at Middleware mash-Up IBM MQ Middleware Conference Event

Miles Roty

Vice President of Services and Support, TxMQ

Miles Roty is an IBM Champion whose professional experience includes over 30 years in Business Development & Account Management, Sr Analyst/Consulting & Project Management, Solutions/Talent Identification & Delivery Management in the Technology Sector.

Greg Hanson

Infrastructure Manager, The Options Clearing Corporation

A software architecture specialist with expertise in Middleware and database interfaces, Greg has served as CTO at numerous organizations and overseen IBM MQ implementations, expansion projects, and re-architectures with clustering and HA.   

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