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Modernize and Optimize Your IBM MQ Environment

In a technology atmosphere that is rapidly evolving to match elastic business requirements, most organizations running IBM MQ are at some stage of modernization. Whether you’re considering, planning, just-begun, in-the-midst, or reaping the benefits of a modernization project, this free one-day event is designed to help you optimize your MQ estate and keep your modernization efforts efficient and aligned with business outcomes.

November 8, 2023

9:00am Central Time

TopGolf Facility Dallas

3760 Blair Oaks Dr, The Colony, TX 75056

Modernize and Optimize Your IBM MQ Environment Middleware Conference event


09:00 – 10:00 am Breakfast Social
10:00 – 12:00 pm Sessions
12:00 – 1:00 pm Buffet Lunch w/ 45 Minute Session
01:00 – 04:30 pm Sessions and Panel Discussions
04:30 – 07:00 pm Networking Social and Topgolf Post-Event

Breakfast Social

Nick Glowacki (

MQ in the Cloud

Presented by: Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist at IBM

There is a very common problem statement/question that nearly all of my customers are asking me at the same time. The conversation goes a little something like this: “I have applications that use MQ and they’re moving to a public cloud (AWS, IBM Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, etc….) as a result of that as the owner of MQ I need to understand the architectural approach, best practices and what my options are. IBM can you please explain what my options are?” Then from there we discuss the architecture and where a natural place to start is. Then we discuss various architectures, then we discuss specific implementations (Running on VMs in a cloud, containers, SaaS). Then we discuss the licensing implications of each approach. This is an incredibly common conversation. Because of how common it is, it makes sense to package it up as a session and then discuss at a larger scale versus one by one.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Presented by: Ray Daniel, Principle Sales Leader, IBM Americas Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is an integration platform that supports full multi-style integration. This includes support for API creation, management, security, application integration with both traditional packages and the new generation of SaaS applications, world-class enterprise messaging, hardened security gateways, support for Event-Driven Architectures, and high-speed data movement on a global scale. The platform is designed to be hosted on a wide variety of cloud and on-prem infrastructures, with full security, monitoring, asset management, and AI tools to simplify the creation of integrations.

Event Streaming: Apache Kafka and IBM MQ, where to use what

Presented by: David Ware, IBM MQ Chief Architect

In this session David Ware, Chief Architect of IBM MQ, will look at the growing world of messaging and event streaming. Explaining how this brings unique requirements on the technology and how Apache Kafka and IBM MQ satisfy those widening needs. In doing so, he’ll also look at where the technologies differ but also overlap, and what you need to know to make the right choice for you.

Note: This session might be delivered virtually, but with full interactive capabilities. It will not be available online. It will be available exclusively to attendees

Ask The MQ Experts

Open question and answer session

David Ware, Chief Architect IBM MQ
Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist at IBM
Callum Jackson. Solutions Architect, IBM Integration Offering Management
Peter D’Agosta, Chief Product Manager, Avada Software
Miles Roty, VP Services and Support, TxMQ

Plus other  participants!

Moderated by: Ray Daniel, Principle Sales Leader, IBM Americas Integration

Miles Roty at Middleware mash-Up IBM MQ Middleware Conference Event

Highly Available IBM MQ in the Cloud – On a Budget

Presented by: Miles Roty, Vice President Services and Support, TxMQ

In this session, a TxMQ DevOps Engineer will lead a journey to a highly available, performant, and scalable IBM MQ implementation in Azure. It starts with Container creation, follows a CI:CD process to apply the definitions, and deployment. We will cover the architectures and requirements to achieve HA, and review implementations that include Docker Compose, Kubernetes, and Helm charts. Event Monitoring and Performance Metrics (Prometheus/Grafana) are also rolled in. This solution is currently in place for a Logistics provider transacting with US Customs & Border Protection Agency (CBP). The design is a win for small and mid-sized shops who rely on IBM MQ for critical business transactions, operate on a tight budget, but can’t sacrifice performance and resiliency.

Managing MQ in Hybrid, Multi, Anything Cloud?

Presented by: Peter D’Agosta, Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Nothing is more disheartening than spending time and budget on a modernization project and just as you get near the finish line, only to realize you just created more work for yourself: gaps in your observability, limited reporting and analytics, application teams that can’t access what they need, or worse, they can access everything!

Join Peter D’Agosta for this session to understand how take an end user perspective as part of your plan to avoid the aforementioned headaches with your modernization and optimization initiatives. Plus, get tips on three things you can do in your lower environments to avoid surprises in your production IBM MQ environments.

MQ Modernization Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: IBM MQ Optimization Lessons Learned

Moderated by: Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist at IBM

Cloud, high availability, containerization, streaming, clustering, no matter what your optimization goals or where you are with them, we have an expert with real-world experience at all stages of optimization and modernization ready to share lessons learned and give practical advice you’ll be able to use in this discussion panel moderated by IBM MQ expert, Nick Glowacki. Hear 1st-hand about issues, preparation, surprises, optimization, observability, and simplicity of administration related to real-world optimization projects from the people who did them.

Panelists include:

David Corbett, Middleware Architect, USBank (Retired)

Greg Hanson, Infrastructure Manager, The Options Clearing Corporation

Miles Roty, Vice President of Services and Support, TxMQ

Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder and Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Moderated by:

Nick Glowacki ( Nicholas Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM

Moderated by:

Nicholas Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM

MQ Optimization Event

Come sip, socialize, and play with us at the TopGolf Afterparty. Absolutely NO golf experience required! TopGolf isn’t golf, it’s a fun game where, even if you’ve never played golf, you can still score points. We’re bringing this fun, no pressure experience to you at the event. Come socialize with the experts, panelists,  and your peers, have some great apps and beverages, and have a great time on us.

MQ Optimization Event

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