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Conferences everywhere are ballooning into 10,000+ mega-events where it’s hard to talk to the right people and get the answers you need. So let’s start with one simple question:

If you could get time in at the golf range, 4 delicious meals, an evening out, and the BEST advice from IBM Hursley about corporate IT initiatives (in person for 1 on 1 interaction), would that be worthwhile to you?

If that sounds like exactly what you’re looking for then read on!

In the realm of middleware management, (AKA: The IBM Middleware Stack) there is a rather apparent disconnect between those managing technology and the business leaders they support. It has been acknowledged by those in our niche: clients, partners and IBM alike, that there are few, if any venues that present the opportunity to explore topics such as:

  • Best approach to securing an environment without choking productivity.
  • What are realistic time frames to migrate versions, move to cloud, etc.?
  • When is leveraging a container helpful or hurtful?
  • How to secure applications, as well as how to deploy them.

This event intends to bridge the time-effort-value gap between technical managers and the technical staff they lead. Business leaders will gain clarity on the tactical approaches their integration teams may take and how the selected approach may be in or out of alignment with strategic goals. For Administrators, this venue will empower them to share openly the challenges they face and their experience of its impact on the business.

The first of these conferences will take place Monday, September 16th and Tuesday, September 17th in Atlanta, Georgia. The 1st day will be a full day event with sessions from IBM, and IBM service / solution partners. The 2nd day will be hosted at nearby Topgolf for a bit of fun, work-play balance.


Andrew Humphreys
Program Director at IBM

Andrew leads the IBM Application Offering Management organization and is responsible for setting the strategy and direction for IBM Application Integration products in the iSaaS, iPaaS, HIP and ESB markets. Key tasks include market analysis, sales execution, marketing, development and execution of product strategy and people management. Throughout over 20 year career in integration he has performed roles in product implementation services, pre-sales and product strategy and has demonstrated sustained technical leadership to deliver successful projects using leading-edge software technologies and products. He has a combination of broad architectural skills and deep specialist knowledge in the areas of digital transformation and the API economy, messaging, SOA, integration and business processes.


Matt Leming
Software Engineer at IBM United Kingdom

Matt Leming is the architect for IBM MQ on z/OS. He is based at IBM Hursley in the UK where he has worked since 2002. He has spent much of his time working on either IBM MQ, WebSphere Application Server, or both.


John Clifton
Program Director, Offering Management – IBM Messaging Business Partner Relationships at IBM

John is part of the Messaging Offering Management team, based at the home of MQ at IBM Hursley in the UK. His focus is on building strong, successful relationships with IBM’s Messaging Business Partners. Prior to joining the Messaging Group, John spent 16 years in IBM Systems Group in a number of technical and business roles across the storage portfolio.


Shreyas Shah
Lead Offering Manager for IBM App Connect

Shreyas joined IBM as a university graduate in 2012 and has been focused on driving product strategy and vision for integration and APIs. In his current role, Shreyas is leading IBM’s iPaaS mission and helping create a single unified integration platform.

Pete D’Agosta
Product Manager & Co-Founder at Avada Software

Steve Lokam
Senior Principal & Co-Founder at OpenLogix

Nick Felicione
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at IDI Middleware

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