What You Need To Know About Managing and Monitoring Kafka Transactions

Navigating observability challenges in agile infrastructures like Kafka can be daunting and complicates managing the health and performance of distributed environments, but leveraging modern, cloud-native monitoring tools can empower I&O leaders to enhance business outcomes. In this on-demand session, explore Kafka’s significance and the importance of observability using Avada’s Infrared360®.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Identify essential Kafka monitoring components, such as topics and servers.
  • Establish conditions, thresholds, and  creating alerting scenarios in seconds.
  • Enable secure self-service and automate Kafka incident resolution.
  • Create useful dashboards with real-time and/or historical data for teams across your organization.
  • Organize users and assets for optimal management practices.

Plus, uncover handy Infrared360 tips for Dev/test and other non-production teams.

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