Developing Governance and Naming Standards with IBM MQ

Facing difficulties in maintaining clear and efficient naming standards within IBM MQ? With various objects, channels, queues, and environments, creating a coherent and easily understandable naming convention can be a complex task, even for seasoned MQ professionals.

Certified IBM MQ Administrator and Consultant, Nigel Henderson, will guide you through the complexities of naming standards within IBM MQ and enable you to:

  • Comprehend the importance of well-structured and maintained naming standards for IBM MQ, and how they contribute to speeding up problem resolution.
  • Understand the various aspects of your environment, including your business type, organization (departments), technologies, message types, and infrastructure.
  • Learn the naming conventions for different components such as queue managers, channels, and queues, with practical examples and scenarios.
  • Discover the benefits of organized administration and clarity in understanding MQ objects for both technical and non-technical people.
  • Gain insights into customization and alignment of naming conventions based on specific business needs and technologies.

Don’t let the complexity of naming standards hinder your ability to manage and maintain your IBM MQ environment efficiently. Download Nigel’s paper to equip yourself with the knowledge and best practices to navigate these challenges today!

Bonus! The end of the paper includes a sample glossary and environment diagram, as keeping a glossary is critical to the entire naming convention process.

With nearly 30 years of IT systems and support experience, Nigel has expertise in leading the design, implementation, and all aspects of IBM MQ and IBM MQ MFT infrastructures. Nigel has been a consultant on MQ, and other products in conjunction with MQ, such as Datapower, WMB v6 & v8, IIB v10, and MessageSight at IBM and other assignments for leading firms like Kingfisher, Logicalis, Capgemini, UST, Fortice, Saxus Solutions. See Nigel’s LinkedIn profile for more details or to connect with Nigel.

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