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Coming to You Virtually – April 27th & 28th, 2021

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Understanding External Influences on Your Integration Strategy and Direction

Presented by Andrew Humphries, Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

As integration strategies continue to evolve, IBM Integration has taken some bold new steps in product and feature delivery. Join us for this Keynote session to understand IBM’s direction for messaging and integration and how it will help you attack the shift to digital transformation with modernization of messaging and integration that is cloud-scalable, easily consumable, highly portable and ubiquitous for all to use. Joins is to learn:

  • How current industry trends are redefining the integration market.
  • How you can move faster than before, guided by real-world operational data with automation and continuous improvement fed by AI.
  • How future enhancements will further help to spark innovation and accelerate your journey to digital transformation.

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IBM MQ: enterprise-wide integration for modern distributed environments

Presented by Amy McCormick, Principal Offering Manager – IBM MQ distributed IBM Automation

For more than 25 years IBM MQ has been consistently refined to keep mission critical data flowing without interruption for thousands of customers. As the world transitions to modernized techniques and technologies for distributed environments – beyond cloud to multi-cloud, edge computing, and IoT – MQ is continuing to evolve and be a critical part of integrating disparate environments. For I&O professionals and leaders, it’s imperative to understand the most recent developments so you can see how to make the best use of newer capabilities for your business. We’ll also show some exciting areas of the IBM MQ roadmap to give you an idea of what you can expect to see from us in future deliveries. Join-in to:

  • Future proof your infrastructure strategy
  • Understand the core functionality on the MQ roadmap that will help you address changing market dynamics
  • Maximize business value in a modern distributed environment.

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Integration Modernization Lessons Learned

Presented by Nick Glowacki, Executive IT Specialist, IBM Evangelist for IBMs Integration Portfolio

There are three main areas that have been impacted heavily in the software development space recently: people/process, architecture, and the technology we choose to implement said architecture. As business objectives have changed, we’ve had to adopt new modern approaches and techniques. These have amplified the importance of adhering to some of the IT Ops best practices many of us have treated as merely suggestions. The goal of this session is not to debate Agile/Waterfall, monolith v microservices, or VMs and containers, but rather to understand the synergy to these decision points and how they are impacting not just your integration framework, but the day-to-day for your integration teams. You’ll get expert insights on how to:

  • Capitalize on real life lessons learned from when your org structure doesn’t match your architecture
  • Avoid common pitfalls when modernizing your processes, architecture, and technology
  • Sidestep common mistakes when managing containers in a production setting
  • Plus, get a proven template for planning out your modernization that has helped hundreds of I&O teams optimize and future proof their Integration estate.

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Transforming your IBM MQ estate using containers

Presented by David Ware, Chief Architect of IBM MQ

The ‘containerization’ of IT deployments in support of cloud-native architectures, widely adopted today, provides infrastructure optimization in many ways: cost savings over virtualization technology, scalability, availability, elasticity, team agility, and more. MQ is a natural fit for cloud native deployments, but many aren’t sure where to start with modernizing MQ in containers. Come and learn the key aspects to succeed with a container-based deployment strategy – and how you can get MQ running in a container in minutes.

You’ll get expert insights on how to:

  • Get started with modernizing MQ in containers.
  • Connect applications in containers.
  • Optimize your approach to messaging.
  • Adapt containers for use with your stateful applications.
  • Ensure your MQ container approach is optimized for scalability and continuous availability.
  • Manage containers without killing your MQ logs, destroying your CERTs, or defeating version control.

Whether you haven’t started with modernizing your MQ in containers or want to get tips on how to improve your approach, add this session to your agenda today.

Integrating data in the Cloud with IBM App Connect

Presented by Shreyas Shah, IBM Offering Manager, Hybrid Integration

As your business evolves, varying architectures, apps and data types can make it difficult to move data between your traditional enterprise systems and newer cloud-based applications. To realize the full potential of your new apps and maximize existing systems, App Connect helps you securely connect and automate all your endpoints, from databases, web services, and packaged apps to APIs and cloud-based SaaS applications and processes. Learn how IBM App Connect is helping businesses drive increased efficiency across their enterprise. By ensuring that the right people have access to the right information at the right time, and to reduce IT costs and overheads by removing costly point-to-point integrations.

In this session we will cover:

  • – Key updates on recent deliveries
  • – Future strategy and vision overview
  • – Q&A

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Managing Middleware in Hybrid Cloud

Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Organizations often a choose hybrid cloud architecture over “fully-in-the-cloud” environments to keep corporate assets secure and private, get better scaling & workload, and for improved control of the environment, processes, and methodologies. But this modernization comes with challenges for I&O managers like choices of transactional integration in hybrid cloud, access, security, and observability. Jump in on this session and get some expert advice on:

  • Eliminating deployment headaches in Hybrid environments
  • When Hybrid cloud is the right choice, and when it’s not
  • Futureproofing in a changing IT landscape
  • Preventing problems from escalating as you segregate your on-prem environment into multiple environments.
  • Keeping corporate assets secure and private

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Improving Productivity Through Smart, Safe Self-Service

Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

The beauty of technology self-service is in how it allows you to scale your business, paying dividends as you grow – particularly in technical and customer support. Provide support through self-service and it will cost you less than 1% of what it costs you to provide it through staff. Plus, 71% of consumers of information want to solve issues on their own. Not only does a self-service option cost less, it’s what your users want. Still, the adoption curve for IT admin, support, dev, etc. has been slow and some I&O managers still perceive associated risks. Come sit in on this session and learn how to implement smart self-service that mitigates risks to boost your operation’s productivity and bottom line. View the session and discover:

  • The need for Smart, safe self-service in IT
  • Key Requirements for Smart self-service
  • How self-service evolved and where it is today.
  • Industry specific examples of cost savings.
  • How to avoid  risk with self-service

Add this session to your agenda today and get expert advice on how your operation can take advantage of self-service to get quicker response and results to problems, lowered costs, and more productive teams.

IBM Message Queue Health Check & License Metric Requirements

Presented by Nick Felicione, Senior Vice President, Information Design, Inc. (IDI)

Maintaining an optimum MQ Infrastructure is paramount to any organization regardless of size and staff, or the modernization of messaging & integration architecture. In this session, Nick Felicione of Information Design, Inc (IDI) will provide you with best practices in maintaining your MQ Infrastructure that will result in Investment Protection, cost savings, and improved resource utilization.

Topics will include:

  • Updates, Patches, Security Vulnerabilities
  • Dead Letter Queue Review
  • Review of PVU & Licensing
  • Alternate models of MQ Offerings
  • IBM License Metric Tool
  • How to protect yourself from an audit

Add this session to your agenda today to get guidance on day-to-day best practices and periodic basic maintenance that will save you effort, money, and resources.

Modernizing with Microservices and Containers

Presented by, Arnold Shoon, Solutions Director at TxMQ

The once-common practice of operating large, core software systems supported on-premises has changed. With the adoption of the cloud, containers and the API economy, once slow-moving organizations have been challenged to accept new methodologies like agile integration and DevOps to keep up with the competition.

Integration & Operations teams that are heavily invested in rigid architectures like SOA, may be challenged to find the right tools and frameworks to start down the road to modern, nimble architectures.

Join us for a discussion on “Modernizing with Microservices and Containers” with Arnold Shoon, Solutions Director at TxMQ. Arnold will break down the importance of APIs, talk about some of the benefits of utilizing more agile development, integration(?), and deployment methods, and discuss some of the tools available to organizations that are transitioning into the API Economy.

What You Need To Know About Managing and Monitoring Kafka Transactions (Prerecorded)

Presented by Peter D’Agosta, Co-Founder & Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Agile infrastructures like Kafka create observability challenges and complicates managing the health and performance of distributed environments. Modern, cloud-native monitoring tools can help I&O leaders to improve business outcomes, but knowing what to monitor and why is just as important as knowing how. In this pre-recorded session we’ll use Avada’s Infrared360® to give you an overview of what Kafka is and why its workings make it critical that you have observability into your Kafka environments.

Plus, discover how to:

  • Know what you need to monitor with Kafka – topics, servers, etc.
  • Determine what conditions and thresholds to set and create alerting scenarios in seconds.
  • Enable secure self-service and automated Kafka incident resolution.
  • Crate useful dashboards with real-time and/or historic data, for every team across your organization
  • Organize users and assets for management best practices

Plus, get some cool tricks you can do with Infrared360 for Dev/test and other non-prod teams.

This is a pre-recorded session you can view at any time. Add it to your agenda today.

Breakout Sessions

Ask the MQ Experts

Jump into the discussion in this breakout session featuring an interactive conversation with a panel of IBM MQ experts. Join us to get live answers to your most pressing questions on all things MQ in this “Ask Me Anything” style session. Our panel of experts will provide answers to the most asked questions. Experts on hand will include Amy McCormick (Principal Offering Manager – MQ), Matt Sunley (Program Director Offering Management MQ – Z/OS), David Ware (STSM, Chief Architect IBM MQ), Callum Jackson (Solution Architect IBM MQ). There may even be a few surprise guest experts.

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Monitoring Challenges for Modern Services and Infrastructure

In many organizations, cloud platforms, containers, and changing software architecture have increased the challenges associated with achieving comprehensive, effective, and agile IT Infrastructure monitoring. Join our panel experts to share challenges you’re facing, get answers to your top questions, hear about what others are dealing with in their middleware monitoring scenarios, and learn about tips, tricks, and best practices to save you time, headaches, and resources.

Limited to the first 50 people! Sign up now and add this to your agenda so you don’t miss out.

More Sessions and Breakout Sessions to be announced soon!