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Welcome to Middleware Mash-Up 2021!

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In the realm of Infrastructure & Operations there is an obvious information gap around the modernization of messaging & integration architecture. Emerging technologies and methodologies will impact everything from deployment to maintenance to observability. This gap hamstrings strategic planning for technology leaders which trickles down to impact the day-to-day activities I&O professionals.

This free online event fills-in the information gap with insight not available at any other event. World-leading messaging & integration experts show you how to:

  • Futureproof tactical approaches for your integration teams
  • Maintain tactical alignment with strategic goals
  • Solve the challenges of modernized integration frameworks
  • Bridge the Time-Effort-Value gap
  • Optimize preproduction phases for continued delivery of superior customer experiences

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Expert led sessions give you insights on IT-critical topics and planning that you just can’t get anywhere else.


Breakout Sessions, Discussion Forums, and One-on-Ones let you interact with peers and industry experts to share experiences, trade tips, and get or give advice.


Learn how to solve for future and current challenges and the tools that are available to help you.

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The best part of the Middleware Mashup was having IBM on site presenting and being available to talk with them. Also 3rd Party Vendor real-life application of their solutions was nice to see vs. a PowerPoint of a generic sales run.  – E.S. 2019 Attendee


Andrew Humphreys

Program Director, Offering Management,IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Andrew Humphreys leads the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Offering Management organization and is responsible for setting the strategy and direction for the IBM integration products. Throughout his over 25 year career in integration he has performed roles in product implementation services, pre-sales and product strategy and has demonstrated sustained technical leadership to deliver successful projects using leading-edge software technologies and products. He has a combination of broad architectural skills and deep specialist knowledge in the areas of digital transformation and the API economy, messaging, SOA, integration and business processes.

See Andrew’s session(s) here.

David Ware

Chief Architect of IBM MQ

David is the Chief Architect of IBM MQ, IBM’s enterprise grade message queueing solution. He has responsibility and a passion for driving the architecture and innovation of IBM MQ across all its many environments and form factors, from on-premise to the cloud. He spends much of his time working with MQ’s many users across the world, teaching and learning from their experiences, which all feed back into MQ’s future direction. He has been working with messaging solutions for many years, having performed most roles possible

See David’s session(s) here.

Callum Jackson

Solution Architect for IBM Messaging

Callum Jackson is a solution architect within the IBM Messaging Offering Management team. He works as a technical gateway between clients and the IBM development team, to understand client challenges, and how IBM Messaging and the wider IBM Integration portfolio can solve these. Prior to this, Callum spent several years within the IBM Lab Services organization, building Integration solutions across the IBM Integration portfolio.

See Callum’s session(s) here.

Nick Glowacki (

Nicholas Glowacki

Executive IT Specialist, IBM

Evangelist for IBMs integration Portfolio

Nick is a technical evangelist for IBMs integration portfolio working as a technical specialist exploring current trends and building leading edge solutions. He has spent the last 5 years working in the field and guiding a series of teams through their microservices journey. Before that he spent 5+ years in various other roles such as a developer, an architect and a IBM DataPower specialist. Over the course of his career he’s been a user of node, xsl, JSON, Docker, Solr, IBM API Connect, Kubernetes, Java, SOAP, XML, WAS, Docker, Filenet, MQ, C++, CastIron, IBM App Connect, IBM Integration Bus.

See Nick’s session(s) here.

Amy McCormick

Principal Offering Manager – IBM MQ Distributed IBM Automation

Amy McCormick is the principal offering Manager for IBM MQ. Her main responsibilities are identifying trends in the Integration market with a specific focus on supporting messaging between applications, presenting innovative and creative product solutions, managing new product development and launches, monitoring the performance of existing products and services to ensure they deliver value for our clients around the world.

See Amy’s session(s) here

Shreyas Shah

IBM Offering Manager, Hybrid Integration

Shreyas is responsible for managing the IBM App Connect offering, where his role is to develop the vision, strategy and market execution for the application integration capabilities in the portfolio. He works closely with 100s of customers across all industry verticals, who automate and integrate apps, APIs, systems and data across their Enterprise landscape.

Shreyas is passionate about responsible tech and diversity of thoughts in building products. He and his team are now working towards making integration technology accessible and consumable by everyone – irrespective of their skill set and experience in the space – paving the way to truly democratizing the adoption of integration technologies.

See Shreya’s session(s) here.

Peter D’Agosta,

Co-Founder and Chief Product Manager, Avada Software

Peter D’Agosta has been in IT for 35 years. Cofounder/COO and Product Manager at Avada Software, his background includes application and systems programming, enterprise architecture, consulting, management, analysis, strategic 24/7 systems including airline, banking, and  internet, as well as technology innovation. Peter oversaw infrastructures for airlines, branch banking, and online service companies before moving into the software vendor arena where he worked with new innovations in email, messaging, portal and web service technology.  Interspersed with engagements for some of the world’s largest companies, Peter’s varied background provides him a unique perspective in applied technology.

See Peter’s session(s) here.

Nick Felicione

Senior Vice President, Information Design, Inc. (IDI)

Nick Felicione serves as IDI’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over 35 years of IT, Software Security and Integration experience, Nick provides the synergy to our clients and prospects. His unique ability to solve problems has poised him as a Subject Matter Expert and is highly regarded in our field.

See Nick’s session(s) here.

Arnold Shoon

Solutions Director, TxMQ

Arnold is all things integration! He began his career at IBM Canada in 2003 implementing solutions using MQ and DataPower. Today as the Solutions Director at TxMQ, he focuses on leading API as a product implementations, Agile Transformation, TDD and the benefits it brings to the integration world

See Arnold’s session(s) here.

Matt Sunley

Program Director of Offering Management, IBM MQ – IBM

Since joining IBM in 2000, Matt has built a wide range of skills and experience with roles spanning several of the major offerings delivered by the IBM Hursley Lab, such as IBM MQ, App Connect and WebSphere Application Server. He has held leadership positions in many disciplines including technical delivery, project management, line management and offering management. Matt is currently the Offering Management lead for IBM MQ, responsible for evolving MQ to meet the connectivity needs of customers in diverse environments – whether this is software running in VMs or containers, special platforms such as z/OS and Appliance or supporting a wide variety of cloud deployment options including SaaS.

See Matt’s session(s) here.

Luke Powlett

Software Engineer & Security Focal – IBM MQ certified container software – IBM

Luke is a Software Engineer and Security Focal for IBM MQ, working on the development of containerised MQ for modern hybrid-cloud environments. Having started his career in MQ’s support organisation, Luke’s most recent focus has been on on all-things “MQ in the cloud”. Luke has spent the last few years developing, building and delivering MQ’s containerised offerings, including the IBM MQ certified container and IBM MQ Operator, as well as helping some of MQ’s many users across the world along their application modernisation journey into the cloud.

See Luke’s session(s) here.


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